Welcome, y'all. My name is Cristen Conger, which you probably gathered already from the site URL and that giant header at the top of the page. I'm a digital creator, speaker and host specializing in women, gender and sexuality.

In 2009, I co-created and launched Stuff Mom Never Told You, iTunes’ first women’s podcast and the whip smart “ladybrand” among HowStuffWorks’ wildly successful podcast family. Since then, I've grown Stuff Mom Never Told You into a multimedia video, blogging and social media voice committed to investigating how womanhood works, deconstructing gender norms and confronting cultural taboos – with an unapologetic dose of vocal fry.

         Guess how many YouTube science bros hated that sweatshirt? Hint: ALL OF 'EM!

         Guess how many YouTube science bros hated that sweatshirt? Hint: ALL OF 'EM!

Along with being a weekend contributor at Refinery29, my writing has also appeared on JezebelHuffington Post WomenBitch MediaxoJane and A Practical Wedding. On screen, you can catch my face on BrainStuff and DNews. I also enjoy (briefly) stepping away from the internet for speaking engagements, live hosting and regular readings in my hometown Atlanta's literary community. 

So how did I get here, professionally waxing ladynews? With a fortuitous blend of training and happenstance. In 2007, I graduated with highest honors from the Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia. Before joining HowStuffWorks.com as a staff writer in 2008, I served as events coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta and learned the valuable lesson that party planning, even for a good cause, isn’t my forte.